August 2017 - 

IGNTD: Nourish Your Soul - Vail, CO

Come back home to your body. Fall back in love with your life.

Celebrate your light.
Nourish Your Body.
Nourish Your Soul.

Through yoga, movement, nutrition, coaching, meaningful and provocative dialogue. Join Sophie and Rachelle on this 4 day retreat designed just for you!

If you're interested, please reach out by May 30 as we are finalizing the guest list. Click here to apply.

We are so truly passionate and excited to connect with you all! We look forward to hearing back from you and growing on this journey together!


Find your passion

Ignite your fire

The mission

Recharge and re-ignite your relationship on a magical Caribbean beach. On this retreat, you're going to rediscover your love for your partner and become inspired to connect on a whole new level. Intimacy, fun and adventure are the name of the game here, and you can even bring your kids and have them tended to while you reignite!



The teachers

Rachelle Tratt - a Los Angeles based yoga instructor, community leader, and Soulful entrepreneur who created The Neshama Project, a yoga inspired, socially conscious jewelry company that gives back.

Sophie Jaffe -  a Los Angeles-based superfood expert, raw food chef and yoga instructor. Sophie founded her wellness brand, Philosophie, with the goal of making it easier, more inspiring and more fun!


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Sonnenalp hotel is Vail’s most iconic luxury hideaway. Deeply rooted in the community, it’s the warmth of the Sonnenalp’s staff, relaxed charm and unparalleled Vail Village location that reveal the true heart of this world-class destination.