IGNTD Relationships

The IGNTD Relationships Intro course is meant to provide a powerful, yet simple process for singles, and couples to break through difficulties and improve their relationships. Sophie & Adi’s Introduction to Relationships course is meant for anyone who is currently in, or seeking, long-term meaningful relationships that are intimate and caring without expensive weekly appointments for therapy (or in addition to those) from the comfort of their own home.

Improving communication, upleveling intimacy and overcoming trauma and shame are well-known side-effects of participation!

With IGNTD Relationships Online, create your best relationship!

You Learn:

  • Secret #1 - Why better relationships are NOT simply about date night.

  • Secret #2 - How to have the best tools WITHOUT a PhD or years in couples therapy!

  • Secret #3 - Sophie and Adi's secrets to coupleship that DON'T cost a lot and DON'T require hours!

Create Your Best Relationship!

3 phases, incredible success