IGNTD Recovery


Recovery will never be the same

Dr. Adi Jaffe has been approaching recovery from addiction differently since the days of his own struggles. Through his research, clinical work and his own treatment center, Alternatives, he has been bringing this different approach to those who could afford and make the time to see him. But finally, through IGNTD, Dr. Jaffe is able to bring this revolution to the broader world and allow ANYONE who is struggling with drugs, alcohol, or compulsive habits to get REAL change from the comfort of their own home.

It's not about the alcohol or drugs

IGNTD Recovery does away with the notion that people with drinking problems are all helpless alcoholics that are doomed to a life of suffering. Throwing away the silly (and unsupported by research) notion that ANYONE who needs help must commit to lifelong abstinence from everything, IGNTD Recovery gets to the core of the problem in a nonjudgmental, convenient and affordable way that has NEVER before been available. So if you, or someone else you know, needs to make a change, let us ignite you!


Always available

Can't get to treatment? Don't have the time to spend 10-15 hours a week getting help? Can't afford to leave your life behind for 30-90 days or the tens of thousands of dollars you'd have to spend? The IGNTD Recovery online course can be accessed anywhere on any device with access online. You can take the course at your own pace and control your own progress. You can even choose to add live help with Dr. Jaffe himself! We provide you the tools, the knowledge and the system to get better.

No more excuses

Other people, time limits, money and shame have stood in your way. But none of that matters anymore. You can get the help you need regardless of the support you have from others, the fears you have about your ability to succeed, or your past "failures." We're here to support your change in spite of all that's held you back before. IGNTD Recovery is finally allowing ANYONE to get help for a problem we've all wanted to solve - And you don't have to quit to get started!