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the why behind igntd

The 3 IGNTD Principles

The IGNTD philosophy rests on 3 principles: honest exploration, radical acceptance, and individualized transformation. These principles are the foundation of how we usher our clients to create lasting change and transform their lives.

1. honest exploration

Honest exploration is about facing yourself and your path with a clear and honest seeking. This is the very first step one must take in their journey in order to create real + lasting change. You must honestly explore your current state and, just as importantly, how you got here.

2. radical acceptance

With exploration complete, you are ready for the second step - radical acceptance of your life’s circumstances, memories, and past programming. This acceptance is necessary if we want to truly create change and move forward. One cannot change what one can’t face.

3. individualized transformation

Individualized transformation is final step, in which you are finally ready to use tools to begin the work on changing those things we found and would like to change. This step is not finite — it’s ever evolving and changing as you flourish into the best version of yourself.

Sophie and Adi’s IGNTD couples retreat was relaxing, deep, challenging, beautiful and just what we needed. If you are looking for an experience to take you deeper into your relationship, heal wounds and bring more light into your life, this will help you do that. Sophie and Adi have a passion to support and uplift couples and that is exactly what they did.

Igntd Events

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IGNTD provides our members and guests with once in a lifetime experiences that elevate your life to levels you've only ever dreamed of. Through immersive adventures and exposure to groundbreaking speakers and tools your life will be transformed.



A truly magical experience


Challenge and grow like you never thought possible


Your path to the happiness you deserve


Enhance, repair and evolve


A life changing Affair

The IGNTD Experience is transformative

Every day, IGNTD helps women, men and couples find their true purpose and light. Your better life is just a click away. Find out more

Dr. Jaffe, thank you for the most amazing experience that has changed my life forever. Everything you are doing is so amazing! Thank you for publicly sharing your story of your personal struggles... It provided me not only with hope but the confidence that I could change my behavior. I am excited for my future.
— C
Learn more about yourself and find a life that fits your brain, your body, your world.
— Adi Jaffe, Ph.D.