From suffering comes healing. Adi Jaffe and Sophie Aaronson were two souls who were destined to find each other. They became bound to one another and embarked on a journey that forever changed them both, for the best. IGNTD is their gift to the world, utilizing their expertise of physical and mental health, nutrition, exercise, neuroscience and self-actualization. Their mission is to ignite everyone they work with across every facet of life - relationships, career, and well-being.


Choosing inspiration over self-judgment and labels.

Adi and Sophie believe that we all have greatness within us. The daily grind, pressure and judgment we face, from both inside and out, wear us down and make us forget how much we can truly love our life. They've done it for themselves and they're here to do it for you - You can create the life you want and feel fulfilled and happy. It's going to take work, but you can get there with our help! Are you ready for the next phase of your life?

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Unified by a desire to lift and inspire everyone we come in contact with.