Create the Life That You Want Through Embracing Uncertainty

Let’s face it: we all have to make decisions. And a lot of the time, they can be very stressful. Having some anxiety around decision-making can be a good thing, but having too much anxiety is a bad thing because you’ll never take the needed risks in the face of important decisions that can have a profound impact on your life. So, not only should we get comfortable with these decisions, we should embrace them.

In today’s episode, I’ll be talking about several concepts to help you achieve the life that you want through the power of decision by embracing uncertainty, moving away from a result-oriented attitude, going all in, and being accountable to other people.

If you do the work, get the right support, and put the right tools in place, the next decision you make might just start bringing you the kind of happiness and stress relief you never thought was possible.

Topics Discussed:

[:35] Today’s first concept — embrace uncertainty.

[4:52] The second concept — move away from a result-oriented attitude.

[7:30] The third concept — go all in.

[11:06] The fourth concept — be accountable to other people.

[13:41] One last crucial tip that relates back to the first concept of uncertainty — know that you cannot predict the future.

[17:17] The next decision you make might lead to something you never thought was possible if you step up to the challenge.

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