The Importance of Forgiveness

The topic I want to talk about with you all today is forgiveness. Whether or not someone intentionally or unintentionally wronged you, you’re still hurt by it — causing you to be angered, resentful, or frustrated at this person. But ultimately, it will only be your downfall for holding on to these feelings. We can do all the work we want, but at the core of it is forgiveness — it is so, so important.

I hope you’ll join me for this week’s episode as I share with you some of the examples of forgiving in my own life and how it has changed things for me, and some of the actionable tools I’ve used to help me along the way.

Topics Discussed:

[2:40] What I’m currently up to!

[4:44] About today’s topic: forgiveness.

[6:45] An example of a traumatic event that played a huge role in my life that led to an ongoing resentment for 20 years.

[11:45] The importance of forgiveness.

[13:23] My challenge to you all: pick at least one resentment you still hold against someone and make the decision to deliberately forgive them.

[15:18] If you’re brave enough, screenshot this podcast, tag me, and tell me the results of the forgiveness you’ve put into place.

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