The Power of the 1% Principle

Today’s episode is all about the 1% principle. This principle is about ridding ourselves of the notion of perfectionism and Mount Everest-sized goals. Many of us fall into the trap of setting such large goals that we cannot even fathom a way to actually achieve them. Adi offers advice, originally from his most recent weekly chat on the IGNTD Recovery Program, on how you can use the 1% principle in your life to create small, bite-sized steps to fully achieve your larger goal.

Topics Discussed:

[2:47] About today’s episode

[5:31] Sharing of Adi’s recent weekly chat from the IGNTD Recovery Course

[6:47] Explanation of the 1% principle.

[7:40] Example of the 1% principle using the (very common) goal to make more money.

[9:47] Another example of the 1% principle using the goal to lose weight.

[11:54] Explain the benefit of using small shifts towards a goal and why perfectionism is paralysis.

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