We Are Not Powerless

As a complimentary follow-up episode to the recent IGNTD Recovery Secrets episode on connecting to your higher power, I figured it was high time that we discuss the opposite of that; powerlessness.

Powerlessness is the idea that we do not have control over any of our circumstances or the actions that we take. It literally means, “Without ability, influence, or power.” In traditional approaches to treating addiction, the idea of powerlessness is often reinforced — but this idea is damaging and simply not true.

You are not powerless — even if you may feel you are right now, at this moment. You have taken action and are much more in control than you may think you are … and I want to highlight that for you today.

Topics Discussed:

[:06] About our sponsor, Amare.

[2:38] About today’s episode — the idea of powerlessness.

[3:50] What does powerlessness mean?

[4:54] Why you are not powerless.

[6:52] Why ‘powerlessness’ is often used/mentioned in traditional addiction-treating approaches.

[10:02] Why I don’t believe in powerlessness in addiction.

[10:55] The support we need in supporting ourselves in this journey.

[11:36] Why the IGNTD Heroes program was named what it is.

[12:40] Our step-by-step plan-to-come for IGNTD Heroes in the future.

[13:05] Why powerlessness was not in my journey and won’t be in yours either.

[14:55] My challenge to you: start exerting your power and make 2019 your year.

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