You Can Successfully Save Any Broken Relationship

Almost all the people that have ever sought help through me are almost always driven by relationships. Whether that be your mom, your daughter, your co-worker, or your significant other, they will generally be the first person to push you towards treatment — sometimes even with an ultimatum. It’s the desire of the “addict” to seek help in order to save or fix this relationship.

I know this myself well. Some of these relationships I thought were beyond help. But I’m here to tell you now, no matter where you are in life, these relationships can be repaired, as long as you put in the work. Real, honest conversations with my parents improved our relationship, transparency saved my marriage, and people that I have helped personally have saved their own relationships by stepping into their best selves, being fully transparent, and no longer hiding in shame.

This episode I’m here to tell you any broken relationship can be saved. They won’t come back to you if you quit … they’ll come back to you when you become your best self and are no longer apologetic about who you are.

Topics Discussed:

[:40] Our topic today: relationships and addiction.

[2:13] My own struggles with relationships and addiction.

[5:02] My story on shame: the underlying issue with addiction.

[13:00] The key to IGNTD Recovery is analyzing ‘the need to pretend’ and learning how to come clean with the people in your life.

[14:33] My real, honest conversations with my mom and dad that improved our relationship.

[16:59] Transparency is what rescued my marriage and allowed our relationship to flourish.

[17:26] Once you become honest in your relationships and step into your best self, your relationships will be repaired. People won’t come back because you’ve quit your addiction, they’ll come back because you’re living your truth.

[18:40] No matter where you are in life, you probably feel like there are some relationships that can no longer be repaired — but I’m telling you, they can.

[20:13] I urge you to reach out to anybody in your life who may be struggling. If you’re the one struggling, think deeply about what you’re avoiding and running away from in your own struggles that is making your unhealthy behavior a better choice than addressing the issue head-on.

[21:50] About next week’s episode: our first interview!

[22:00] About IGNTD Recovery.

[22:21] About mine and Sophie’s IGNTD Relationship intro course.

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