Connecting to Your Higher Purpose with Women in Dharma

We’re coming to you today with one of those topics I would’ve been completely unaware of prior to meeting Sophie! But definitely after spending our fourteenth year together, I now take it for granted the unique, spiritual conversations we have — such as speaking about dharma today. This is a very, very fascinating conversation that also took an interesting direction.

Our guests today, Megan and Krista, the co-founders and directors of Women in Dharma, are two fantastic women who lead guided journeys that will inspire you, awaken your higher self, and transform your being. They want to show women that they can have it all — family, career, and self-fulfillment. They’re also pushing the envelope of how they do business, from equal pay across all their team members and truly working together as a team with equal voices.

In this enlightening episode, we discuss what exactly dharma is; how and why Megan and Krista created their community, Women in Dharma; the other incredible women behind Women in Dharma; how to check in with being in alignment with your dharma; useful, actionable dharma tools such as the enneagram; and some wonderful pieces of advice on how to tap into your dharma and follow your true path.

Topics Discussed:

[1:46] About our guests and today’s topic.

[4:05] A special thanks to Kevin Paris for our lovely ad music.

[5:55] A shout out to all of you — thank you for always sharing your thoughts with us!

[6:48] More about today’s episode.

[11:00] Our relationship tip of the week.

[13:45] About our relationship course.

[16:28] The conversation portion of the podcast.

[17:38] How Megan and Krista met and what brought them to starting Women in Dharma.

[20:16] About their co-op team and broader community, the circle.

[21:00] How Megan, Krista, and Sophie define dharma.

[27:58] How Megan and Krista have studied dharma, and how they check in with being alignment with their dharma.

[30:27] Are there several different dharmas or is it all-encompassing?

[34:26] Is dharma a path with a set beginning and end or does the awareness of your actions and energies and how you react to them alter your path as you go?

[37:28] One of the tools that is Megan and Krista’s favorite: enneagram.

[46:26] The number that feels the most connected for Megan.

[47:28] A quick enneagram nerd fact, and more uses and tools for enneagram.

[49:58] About the three other incredible women that help to make Women in Dharma possible.

[51:53] Where to connect with Women in Dharma online.

[53:50] The best pieces of advice Megan and Krista have ever received.

[55:44] Krista and Megan’s proudest moments.

[56:25] Megan and Krista’s most difficult or challenging moments.

[59:46] Krista and Megan’s self-care rituals.

[1:02:22] What gets Krista and Megan ignited!

[1:03:33] Upcoming Women in Dharma projects to look forward to!

Relationship Tip of the Week

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone...” in all ways, always — but especially in your relationship. It’s so easy when you’re with the same person for so long to just get complacent because it’s uncomfortable to confront. It’s key to show up and have the ‘uncomfortable conversations’ in order to progress and nurture your relationship.

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