Estrogen, The Pill and Feminism

This episode is all about hormones! We have an amazing expert joining us to speak all about hormones — from the role they play in our body to the impact they have on our overall health. Dr. Felice Gersh is a physician who is both Board Certified as an OB/GYN and fellowship-trained in Integrative Medicine. She has been practicing medicine for several decades, originally starting out a lot more conventional. However, as she continued her practice, she began to feel there was more to health than just treating patients with the “pill to the ill” method (i.e. continually prescribing pharmaceuticals to treat patients as their symptoms pile up) and became certified in Integrative Medicine. Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of nonstop learning for Dr. Felice in pursuit of treating patients with herbals as opposed to pharmaceuticals and following more holistic approaches to healing.

Today’s conversation is incredibly enlightening in regards to all things hormone and maintaining a healthy endocrine system. Dr. Felice talks about the impact on the female body when we interfere with or alter the menstrual cycle, the power of estrogen in both the male and female body, the side effects and unintended consequences of birth control, how eating certain toxins can really affect who you are as a person on a cellular level, and how your interactions with the world affect your biology. We also touch on a few subjects beyond hormones, taking our discussion a little deeper into the patriarchal nature of the world we live in and women’s role in society. You’ll want to stay tuned for this one!

Topics Discussed:

[1:48] All about today’s episode on hormones.

[5:09] How hormones have affected Sophie (her powerful hormone experience with the IUD and pregnancy).

[12:47] The relationship tip of the week!

[17:07] The conversation portion of the podcast.

[17:35] Dr. Felice introduces herself and explains her background in health and hormones.

[23:39] The dark side of pharmaceuticals.

[26:28] Pharmaceuticals: how the primary effect you’re going after can come with a multitude of unwanted side effects.

[33:05] Abnormalities in today’s women’s menstrual cycle … and why the birth control pill should not be the solution.

[36:42] The impact on the female body when we interfere or alter the menstrual cycle and the power of estrogen in both the male and female body.

[46:54] The side effects and unintended consequences of birth control.

[51:46] Dr. Felice explains the horrible side effects of the many forms of endocrine disruptors.

[55:26] Dr. Felice’s recommended foundational steps you can take, moving forward, to improve your overall health and avoid endocrine disruptors.

[1:01:46] The best advice Dr. Felice has ever received.

[1:02:50] Dr. Felice’s proudest moment to-date.

[1:04:32] One of Dr. Felice’s most difficult moments to-date.

[1:06:53] Dr. Felice’s self-care regime.

[1:09:50] What gets Dr. Felice ignited?

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