Expanding Your Empathy and Supporting a Collective Consciousness with Bizzie Gold

On today’s episode, one of our favorite guests is making a repeat appearance — Bizzie Gold! Bizzie was on one of our earliest episodes of IGNTD, so if you haven’t already listened to the episode, we highly recommend you check it out!

Bizzie Gold is an entrepreneur extraordinaire with multiple businesses under her name. She runs Buti Yoga, the largest yoga teacher training program in the country; Break Method, a self-inquiry program that teaches individuals and couples how to shift their belief systems from passive to active so they can begin to transform their lives; and Golden Ratio, a 100% grain-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free protein and apparel company.

So, hold on to your chairs… or wherever you’re sitting… because Bizzie does not hold back! This episode is all about spirituality, tapping into your own spiritual being, your higher power, and your own intuition. She talks about her journey leading up to her latest endeavor, Break Method, and how she is leveraging it to get her message across and help others.

Topics Discussed:

[2:00] Welcome to today’s episode.

[3:29] Our wonderful, 5-star reviewer of the week!

[6:17] Take a screenshot of the podcast, tag us, and share!

[6:40] About today’s episode and repeat guest: Bizzie Gold.

[12:50] About Sophie’s energetic cord-cutting, with some examples.

[18:22] About my recent IGNTD Recovery Secrets podcast on the power of believing in something bigger than yourself.

[20:48] Conversation portion of the podcast.

[23:34] Bizzie talks about her new, impactful endeavor, Break Method, and what led up to the creation of it.

[30:00] About Bizzie’s work with helping people breakthrough patterns.

[34:35] Bizzie continues her story of what led up to the creation of Break Method.

[39:35] Bizzie’s thoughts on being more connected with others, collective consciousness, and expanding empathy.

[47:07] Discussing the topic of “God” and spirituality.

[52:00] Why you should not rely on the news as an overall representation of the world.

[55:05] Our thoughts on reaching out and living in your community and exposing yourself to what is actually happening around you.

[59:20] About Bizzie’s work and how she works with clients in her practice.

[1:01:06] Bizzie talks about how you reinforce your own story.

[1:03:42] What is igniting Bizzie? 

[1:05:45] In what areas could Bizzie show up more to and be even more ignited for?

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