Let's get to Happy

It's all about you...

I've worked with hundreds of people who have struggled with drugs and alcohol and have helped them, and their families, recover. From 19 year-old heroin addicts to 60 year old suburban soccer moms, I've seen it all. And while there are certainly patterns and overarching rules, everyone is different and unique.

Everyone has different dreams, hopes and aspirations as well as fears, traumas and negative beliefs. Everyone goes into this experience with different expectations and difficulties. In order to make sure that you get the most from our course, we need to get to know you well and that means digging deep.

So take a breath (or a few), and sit down in a safe and comfortable place to answer this questionnaire. The answers will help us customize the course for each attendee group.

Remember - full disclosure will help us get there faster, but if you're not quite there, it's ok. This is a judgment and shame-free zone. That's the only way this works.

IGNTD Recovery Deep-Dive Questionnaire
By getting to know you better, we'll be better able to help!
Life Satisfaction Survey