September 2017

IGNTD Women - Vail, CO


Reconnect to your true self and realign with your mission through movement and meditation. 


Caley Joyner - a Venice based, but internationally renowned, yoga instructor, community leader, and all-around fierce woman. From handstands to entrepreneurship, Caley helps everyone she meets find their fire.

Sophie Jaffe -  a Los Angeles-based superfood expert, raw food chef and yoga instructor. Sophie founded her wellness brand, Philosophie, with the goal of making it easier, more inspiring and more fun!

Congratulations on saying YES to yourself


Sonnenalp hotel is Vail’s most iconic luxury hideaway. Deeply rooted in the community, it’s the warmth of the Sonnenalp’s staff, relaxed charm and unparalleled Vail Village location that reveal the true heart of this world-class destination.


You will move through high intensity workouts and amazingly blissful yoga sessions. You'll journal, you'll vision board and you'll connect to amazing people. Amazing foods from a private chef will fill your belly and inspiration will seep deep into your mind. 

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