National Recovery Month Special: Why Recovery is Not Abstinence

With this month’s theme being recovery — and not just in the IGNTD space, but nationally — I thought it would be the perfect time to continue the conversation about recovery and what it means to recover.

The official government definition of recovery reads, “A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.” And what I think is so critically important with this definition is that it does not mention abstinence at all. For a lot of people, recovery tends to be synonymous with abstinence and 100% sobriety, when it really should be the process of simply improving your life.

It is really incredibly powerful what can happen when someone enters recovery, so this week, I’m going to talk about three ways that I see recovery as being very different from this stereotypical ‘abstinence definition’ many people assign to it. I hope you’ll join me in increasing awareness around the stigma of mental health and substance use!

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Topics Discussed:

[:40] About the National Recovery Month.

[2:54] My stance on recovery.

[3:18] A recent experience I had on a recovery podcast who did not share my same stance with.

[5:23] SAMHSA’s official definition of recovery.

[7:05] What I’m going to be covering today: the three areas in our life that recovery center around (physical, mental, and emotional).

[8:11] Starting with the physical aspect of recovery, I speak about what my health was like physically during peak addiction and how it has changed in recovery.

[12:11] A story of a woman I saw when I first had my old treatment center and how she changed, physically, in recovery.

[13:55] The mental shifts people experience in recovery and my own personal experience with how my mind and perspective changed.

[17:12] The mental improvement someone in our IGNTD Recovery program made.

[18:50] The emotional aspect of recovery and what I experienced in my own journey.

[21:07] An example of the emotional aspect of recovery from a client I worked with.

[23:09] Summarizing my key points about the three aspects of recovery.

[24:09] What to look forward to in the IGNTD world — including discounted workshops and a giveaway!

[25:45] Screenshot this episode, tag me, and be sure to tag anybody you know who’s struggling!

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