Isolation Vs. Connection

Buckle up because we’ve got a serious topic to cover today. Today we’ll be talking all about this concept of connection vs. isolation. They’re these two different sides to this battle we fight in how we deal with our problems, how we treat others, and what our relationships end up being like.

When I was younger I was extremely jaded. I felt like almost nothing in the world mattered -- period. I felt like everything was always going to get screwed up, nothing was ever going to work out, and therefore there was no purpose to any of it. This was such an isolated way of looking at the world. And I wasn’t the only one who thought this way. Many of us tend to think that isolating is an easier solution. But the problem is this: when we all isolate, we all suffer. And because we’re all isolated, we’re all constantly wearing these masks so that other people think we’re okay. But the good news is that there’s a flip-side to all of this: we can find connection through practicing radical transparency. And in this episode, I’ll be walking you through my own journey with this, how you can begin approaching this transition in your life, and what to expect. Join me in challenging your beliefs and in taking this next step in nurturing yourself and your relationships!

Topics Discussed:

[:40] About today’s episode — connection vs. isolation — and my own experience with it.

[7:16] The problem with isolation.

[12:12] The flip-side of isolation: connection through practicing radical transparency.

[16:00] What to look forward to on the other side of being radically transparent.

[18:00] What I traded my isolation in for — a completely open, communicative, and interdependent way of living where I’m part of a community.

[20:22] My challenge for you all this week. Ask yourself these questions and take action: In what areas of your life are you not being the most honest and transparent that you could be? And how is that affecting you? What if you started allowing more transparency into your life? And how can you get closer to radical transparency in every area of your life?

[21:28] About Sophie’s and my newest 6-month program for couples: the Save Your Marriage Elite Circle.

[24:33] Screenshot this podcast, DM me or share it on social media, and let me know what resonated the most with you, this episode!

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