Our First IGNTD Recovery Coach, Kate Seselja, Shares Her Story With Addiction

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We are so proud and excited to bring you Kate Seselja today! We met Kate about eight months ago and she has become one of the first IGNTD Recovery Coaches.

When we first started IGNTD, Adi was the only one doing all the work with clients. And in this space of addiction and mental health, it can be really hard to find like-minded individuals who are not closed-off, who are not going to shame and judge people ahead of time — and Kate is absolutely one of these people! And in today’s episode, you’re going to hear exactly why when she tells you her story of how she got here.

You’ve already learned a lot about Adi on this channel, so we’re excited for you to also get to know the people behind the message that will be working with us to support this IGNTD movement. Kate’s story is not at all like mine so I hope you’ll all tune in to hear about her incredible story of success and recovery from her gambling addiction!

IGNTD Offerings this Month:

21-Day Habit Reset Challenge

Family SOS Workshop (for loved ones of those struggling with addiction)


Topics Discussed:

[:42] About today’s special episode with our new IGNTD coach, Kate Seselja.

[3:17] Welcoming Kate to the podcast!

[3:50] How Kate came to this world of helping others through her own experience with her gambling addiction.

[6:15] How gambling looks different in Australia than it does in the United States.

[7:54] What started Kate’s addiction around gambling.

[10:14] How Kate’s gambling addiction took shape and what pushed it to the extremes.

[15:00] Kate’s experience with coming clean to her husband about her gambling addiction.

[19:36] Over the decade of Kate’s addiction, what is happening in her life that kept pulling her back to it?

[22:42] Kate speaks about the breaking point of her addiction at age 32.

[24:52] What was it about Kate’s husband’s voice that made her feel safe to go back home the day she reached her breaking point?

[25:58] What ‘rock bottom’ really means.

[27:30] The importance of stepping out of your own pain to notice someone else’s.

[28:34] What happened immediately after Kate’s breaking point?

[31:58] Kate’s experience with seeing a counselor after her hitting her rock bottom.

[34:24] The importance of finding the right fit for you in recovery!

[38:15] What it was about this counselor that gave Kate help for recovery.

[41:14] How soon after visiting this counselor did Kate’s gambling resolve?

[42:52] When did Kate start the Hope Project? What drew her to begin wanting to help other people?

[44:48] What have been some of the most rewarding work Kate has done in the last 4-5 years? And where has she found a magical translation between her life earlier on and the work she does now?

[49:17] How does Kate see the next 1–2 years of this helping journey she’s on?

[50:48] Thanking Kate for joining the podcast!


Mentioned in this Episode:

IGNTD Recovery (Register and join the free workshop!)

TheAbstinenceMyth.com (Pay for shipping and I will send you the book for free!)

Kate’s Website: TheHopeProjectNow.com

Instagram: @The.Hope.Project


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