Redefining Life After Recovery with JuJu Hook

Today I’m really excited to bring you something that I’ve never done on the podcast before, and that is a conversation with someone I have worked with. When you work in this field and you help people when they’re at their lowest, a lot of the times they don’t really want to talk about it even after they’ve gotten better. But luckily, an amazing individual has stepped up to the plate!

Today you’re going to hear from Juju Hook who I worked with about 2 years ago. Juju was a heavy drinker who had partied and drank since her college years and struggled with it on and off. She came to me like many people show up: just really struggling with their drinking and being at a loss with where to begin. She had tried everything else and nothing really worked — I was the last attempt.

What I love about bringing Juju on is that you get to listen to the process of someone else’s recovery. You’ll discover that the process is actually kind of nice; it’s not this hell they have to go through. People often think that to get to the other side of suffering, everything has to be painful — and that’s absolutely not true.

In this episode, Juju shares her experiences with other methods, what it was like working with me, how we addressed her issues together, and her incredible end results post-recovery (that were way better than she bargained for!)

So settle in, pay attention to the details, look at how this process can unfold, and know that if you’re struggling (or you know someone else who is), there is help available for you.

Topics Discussed:

[:36] About today’s episode.

[6:08] Welcoming Juju to the podcast.

[6:15] Juju explains her struggles with alcohol prior to meeting me.

[7:35] The other methods Juju tried to quit and why she didn’t like them.

[10:16] How Juju discovered me and the work that I was doing.

[11:17] How we initially got started together.

[12:52] The three principles around shame I teach with IGNTD and how I encourage Juju in the first couple of sessions that helped her to stop binge drinking.

[14:11] How addressing the issues behind the drinking led Juju to no longer be interested in drinking.

[16:35] How Juju rediscovered and got in touch with what actually brought her joy.

[18:50] Juju’s discoveries post-recovery and the new joys and side effects she has reaped from the process.

[21:45] Juju’s message to those who are unsure or afraid of getting started.

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