The Number One Thing You’ve Forgotten, That You Can’t Live Without

You’ve got to have more fun in life! Seriously, stop being so serious all the time! So many of us get stuck in our daily troubles that we end up spending all of our time trying to fix them and we forget what it’s like to actually enjoy life. If we’re working so hard to make everything work by constantly addressing our struggles and fixing our relationships, we don’t get to enjoy our day-to-day peace. And what you may not know is fun plays an incredibly crucial role for anybody looking to improve their life.

Join me to learn about why we forget to have fun, how to relearn how to have fun, some of my tools and tips for assessing whether or not you’re having enough fun in your life, and why it is so important that you do enjoy your day-to-day to set yourself up for better success on your path to recovery.

Topics Discussed:

[2:42] About today’s topic: you’ve got to have more fun in life!

[5:05] What happens to a lot of us and why we forget to have fun in life.

[7:02] A tool I use to help clients focus on and find their join: The IGNTD Wheel of Life.

[9:32] Why you need to let that fun and joy in and how it is a big piece of the puzzle to recovery.

[11:03] Why having fun is truly so, so, so important.

[12:03] Here’s what I want you to do: I want you to think of an activity you used to really enjoy and make a commitment to yourself to do that again.

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