Choosing Fierce Not Fear with Koya Webb

“Expressing gratitude and really feeling grateful for something completely shifts your energy and opens you up to receive even more to be thankful for. When you’re in a state of gratitude, you’re able to attract more of what you want in life. You are in the vibration of love and everything that’s in alignment with that vibration is in your life. When you’re in the vibration of fear, judgment, or sadness you’re in a lower vibration. It’s okay to be there, you just don’t want to stay there, as you’ll attract more of the same. The frequency of sadness will attract more and more sadness. Here’s what’s important: you have the power to choose your vibration. Choose the vibration of love and gratitude.” — These are the words of our incredible guest today, Koya Webb, and the basis of today’s episode! We resonate so deeply with her message and mission of spreading love and gratitude and we are so excited to have you all listen in.

Koya has done so much in life — from holistic health coach to yoga instructor, to podcaster, to author, to teacher of self-love! Her goal is to spread her message of love consciousness and move people away from the fears that are ingrained in our cultures and spread throughout media. This message is also the essence and mission of her new book, Let Your Fears Make You Fierce. Koya wants the challenges that you’ve gone through in your life to strengthen you and allow them to become the positives in your life. You can’t experience love and fear at the same time — so, allow your fears to fuel the fire to place you into a world of love!

Join us for an episode full of powerful notions around self-love, self-worth, and gratitude; nuggets of wisdom on how to stay connected to yourself and others; how to manifest these concepts and create real change; how to practice and spread love and eradicate fear; how to identify your fears and turn them into love; and much, much more!

Topics Discussed:

[:35] About today’s episode and guest, Koya Webb.

[:47] Reading a review for the podcast.

[2:33] Sophie reads a wonderful excerpt from Koya’s book, Let Your Fears Make You Fierce.

[10:03] Screenshot this episode, tag us and Koya, and let us know what you think about this episode and what resonated for you!

[12:15] The conversation portion of the podcast.

[13:10] About Koya’s past careers and the path that led her to where she is today.

[15:54] The journey of writing and sharing her story in her book, Let Your Fears Make You Fierce, and how Koya teaches love to move people away from fear.

[17:57] What is this higher power we’re referring to?

[21:39] How does Koya keep herself focused on connectedness and lifting everybody up?

[24:21] The power of being around different people and how Koya’s experiences have strengthened her skills of connecting with others and led her down the path she is on today.

[29:00] Koya explores the notion of isolation due to fear and how she would help these people.

[30:40] How does Koya have this conversation with people who are resistant to love?

[34:18] How do we manifest these concepts and create real change with these ideas Koya teaches?

[39:17] Koya shares a powerful story from her book about identifying her fears and turning that knowledge into love.

[47:57] The importance of self-worth, self-love, feeling whole, connecting to others, and connecting to your spirit.

[57:29] The tools Koya uses in both her practice and book to spread love and eradicate fear.

[59:38] The best advice Koya has ever received.

[1:00:33] Koya’s proudest moment.

[1:02:09] Koya’s most difficult moment.

[1:03:37] Koya’s self-care rituals.

[1:08:50] What gets Koya ignited?

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