Demystifying Astrology with Jana Roemer

Today’s guest is Jana Roemer! She’s an incredibly cool, inspiring, intelligent, balanced individual. She’s very grounded and knows a lot about the planets, stars, the moon, and galaxies — she’s a mystic who appreciates science. On top of her passion astrology, she’s also incredibly passionate about yoga and meditation and teaches classes at Love Yoga Space in Venice, CA.

If you’re totally lost about astrology or just want to learn more, you’re going to love the way she talks about astrology in a very approachable way! She helps demystify the moon, astrology, and how it all relates to you. She digs into the basics of astrology, how the signs work, what a natal chart is and how to use one, the different qualities and traits of various astrology signs, and the different types of astrology. She also shares her own experiences in reading charts, her recommendations on how and where to learn more, and more!

Topics Discussed:

[:34] About our upcoming events.

[1:50] Reading our review-of-the-week!

[3:08] Talking transparency and honesty and growth.

[4:00] About this week’s guest: Jana Roemer!

[6:25] Talking about a recent relationship trial we’ve gone through.

[12:00] Our hopes for a future episode on manifestation.

[16:28] Sophie welcomes Jana Roemer to the podcast.

[17:38] Jana introduces herself and shares what she does on a day-to-day basis.

[21:09] Jana gives a brief history of astrology.

[22:40] The basics of astrology, how the signs work, and the bigger picture of it all.

[29:00] What a natal chart is and why the birth time is so important.

[30:58] Jana breaks down the different pieces of the natal chart.

[31:38] Jana and Sophie discuss and compare their signs.

[32:31] Jana’s recommendations on where to learn more about your chart.

[34:12] Has Jana ever read a chart of someone close to her that she felt was completely off?

[35:25] Jana explains how the qualities and traits of astrology signs were determined. She also goes through various astrology signs, explaining common and dominating traits.

[43:02] About Jana’s private sessions and readings on her website.

[43:33] Jana’s advice on how to learn astrology.

[46:52] What Jana and Sophie love about astrology.

[49:36] Discussing partners, relationships, and astrology.

[56:11] Jana explains mundane astrology.

[1:07:46] The best advice Jana has ever received.

[1:09:08] Jana’s proudest moment.

[1:10:17] Jana’s hardest moment.

[1:13:13] Jana’s self-care rituals.

[1:18:30] What ignites Jana.

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