Who F*cks Mother Earth the Hardest? With Kyle Thiermann

Today we’re bringing you a guest unlike any guest we’ve ever bought on before. Kyle’s a character — he embodies “f*ck shame” in a way that not many people in this world do. He lives and breathes this “I live who I am” mission that we are all about here at IGNTD, and he is absolutely unabashed about the choices that he makes in life (and we love that.)

Kyle is a surfer, a journalist, and a writer. He surfs professional for Patagonia and has created a series called Surfing For Change on Youtube. He has a passion for shedding light on environmental issues and created mini-documentaries on various issues that help to inspire people all around the world. One of Kyle’s best traits is that he does not shy away from controversial stories or topics. A great example of this is his new project, The Motherf*cker Awards, a comedy award show that celebrates the companies that f*ck Mother Earth the hardest.

In this episode, we get into the controversial environmental topics Kyle loves talking about, the types of companies and people he loves to challenge and call-out, the importance of connecting with nature and the impact it can have on your health, and about Kyle’s mission of not only calling out the bad, but also the good. Join us for an enlightening conversation on environmental issues and how we can do our part in helping the environment (and in turn, ourselves)!

Topics Discussed:

[3:13] About today’s episode with today’s incredible guest, Kyle Thiermann.

[6:15] About some upcoming IGNTD events.

[9:25] Screenshot this podcast, tag me and Kyle, and let us know which part of this episode hit you in the chest!

[11:15] The conversation component of the podcast.

[11:25] How Kyle and I originally connected.

[12:22] Kyle introduces himself, talks about the work he does, and some of his passions.

[21:35] Why Kyle decided to go after his passions and highlight these environmental issues.

[24:10] Kyle talks about the types of companies and people he likes to challenge or call-out, and why.

[26:48] Kyle elaborates more about why he does what he does.

[29:06] Why Kyle thinks most people tend not to have an interest in environmental issues. He also elaborates on why the issue is never big enough to not help or do your part and how he helps get people interested and involved.

[33:51] About Kyle’s focus on not just shedding light on the bad, but telling the good stories.

[36:25] Kyle highlights the importance of connecting with nature as soon as possible and the profound impact it has on your health.

[43:34] About Kyle and Dr. Christopher Ryan’s new project that focuses on celebrating the companies that f*ck Mother Earth the hardest: The Motherf*cker Awards.

[56:12] The general public’s fear of corporate power and why Kyle doesn’t have it.

[58:20] More about The Motherf*cker Awards.

[59:14] The best advice Kyle has ever received.

[1:01:36] The proudest moment Kyle has had, to date.

[1:03:42] The most painful or difficult moment in Kyle’s life, to date.

[1:07:52] Kyle’s self-care rituals to keep him at his best on a regular basis.

[1:14:27] What gets Kyle ignited!

[1:17:00] Where to learn more about what Kyle is up to.

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