Getting Personal: Following Up with Lacy and Darrell’s Journey

This episode, we’re following up with one of our ‘Getting Personal’ couples, Lacy and Darrell. If you haven’t heard our previous episodes with them (“Getting Personal: Lacy and Darrell” and “The Journey and the Struggle, Following Up with Lacy and Darrell”) be sure to listen in to them first before tuning in to this one.

It’s been another couple of months since we last spoke with Lacy and Darrell, so we wanted to check in and see how they were both doing — separately and together as a unit. Since the last time we spoke, they’ve been struggling a bit. Lots of real issues from both of their pasts have been coming up for them and they’re both fighting for the relationship that they want. As we’ve mentioned before, I’m so, so grateful that these couples we speak with are allowing us to be a fly on the wall and listen in on their conversations. And I really hope that as you listen to the journeys of the couples we share on this show that you open yourself up to the ideas and tools we bring up, and perhaps, use them in your own life as well.

Topics Discussed:

[2:38] About this week’s episode with Lacy and Darrell.

[3:32] About today’s follow-up and a recap on some of the couple’s struggles.

[5:43] Please screenshot this episode and share with us your favorite takeaways.

[8:24] Welcoming Lacy and Darrell back to the podcast!

[10:47] Lacy and Darrell recap their journey thus far and fill in the gaps between this episode and the last.

[16:40] Lacy and Darrell’s latest experiences with radical transparency and their triggers.

[21:30] My advice to Lacy and Darrell on how to utilize radical transparency more effectively.

[29:44] The challenges in Lacy and Darrell’s communication.

[32:38] What conflict has been like in Darrell’s life up until now and how he feels around confrontation now.

[35:00] Lacy’s perspective on how Darrell reacts to conflict.

[36:19] Diving deeper into Darrell’s shame around sex and struggle for transparency.

[38:36] Steps Lacy and Darrell could take to open up their communication and practice honest transparency around Darrell’s shame.

[42:37] How Lacy and Darrell can better open up the conversation around sexuality.

[49:09] Lacy and Darrell walk us through his general thoughts, emotions, and actions when Lacy goes through his phone and finds sexual content.

[53:40] How Darrell can ease Lacy’s insecurities around sex and other women.

[58:08] About Lacy and Darrell’s recent argument about their work situation.

[1:08:03] What Darrell admires in a woman and how understanding these qualities can help his and Lacy’s relationship.

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“Going Deep: Our Story of Infidelity, Sex Addiction, Trust, and Love”

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