Keeping the Internet Safe(ish) For You And Your Kids

Today we have Dr. Lisa Strohman joining us. Lisa is an expert on technology addiction — especially when it comes to children and how it can impact their developing brains. Lisa is the founder and CEO of the Founder of The Digital Citizen Academy, one of the first organizations to address the global issue of technology addiction and overuse. She has spent more than a decade working with individuals, families, and adolescents struggling with issues such as depression, anxiety, and addiction.

This episode, we talk about our own experiences with technology and our children’s use; Lisa’s experiences and background in learning about these subjects, personally and professionally; the psychology behind anonymity online; and mental illnesses that can arise from technology use. Lisa also teaches us about some hugely powerful tools for protecting your children online; preventing them from seeing harmful ads; helping to limit their internet use; and avoiding potentially abusive online content on common apps, games, and social media platforms.

Today’s episode contains indisputably valuable information when it comes to your own children using technology — if you’re working with children — or even yourself when it comes to the cyber world. Just like sugar, children want technology and social media — so we hope you tune in and learn about the impact of technology on our minds and children’s.

Topics Discussed:

[1:52] About our topic and guest today.

[4:59] About our children and their technology use.

[12:19] About Sophie’s experience growing up with technology.

[15:39] The conversation portion of our podcast.

[16:40] How Lisa got into this area of expertise, and her experience raising her own kids.

[17:13] Lisa’s experience working for the FBI.

[20:51] The impact of Columbine from our perspective and Lisa’s law enforcement perspective.

[24:43] How did Lisa’s awareness and focus on technology come about?

[26:05] The impact of technology and social media on today’s relationships and children.

[29:14] Lisa provides some evidence-based trends around technology addiction.

[30:25] Why younger children are more prone to technology addiction.

[35:10] The psychology behind the anonymity with technology.

[38:07] Apps and games with secret “backdoors” to online conversing, porn, and sexual assault that parents should be aware of.

[41:54] Where to access Lisa’s tips online.

[42:22] Lisa’s thoughts on geotagging (especially when you have children with you).

[45:52] The process of creating addicting apps for kids.

[47:42] Current mental illnesses from technology addiction.

[50:11] How technology use can affect your emotions and mental state.

[51:31] A question for Lisa from a listener: What age is it OK to introduce screen time?

[53:16] Are technology skills essential to children’s growth nowadays or is it OK to wait?

[55:50] Does Lisa think there are helpful components to technology that can enhance education (without negative impact).

[57:21] The idea of technology as a babysitter — is it OK in moderation?

[59:16] About Lisa’s experience with her kids and technology.

[1:00:42] Lisa warns about pornography ads that may target children.

[1:02:18] Signs to watch out for as parents.

[1:04:01] The best advice Lisa has ever received.

[1:04:18] Lisa’s proudest moment to-date.

[1:04:58] Lisa’s hardest moment to-date.

[1:05:59] Lisa’s self-care ritual.

[1:07:07] What ignites Lisa.

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