The Dream 100 as a Roadmap to Success

Sophie and I never imagined we would talk to a goat farmer on this podcast, but today we get the chance to do just that! Dana Derricks is an entrepreneur, author, speaker — and of course, a goat farmer.

Trust me when I say you are not ready for our conversation with Dana today! He’s not like any guest we’ve ever had on the podcast. There’s something just so unique about the way Dana delivers his message and the approach he has to business.

When I first got exposed to Dana’s work and the concept of the Dream 100, I was completely enthralled. It’s an entire system of business around unconditional giving to those you collaborate with. We talk about how Dana went from goat farmer to master of business relationships, how he implements Dream 100, and some of the incredible changes that have occurred in Dana’s life since employing the Dream 100 strategy. Dana also gives you some incredible actionable tips on how to employ Dream 100 for yourself.

Topics Discussed:

[1:42] About our guest, Dana, and our own journeys as entrepreneurs — learning how to reach our audiences and utilizing marketing.

[13:00] Our relationship tip of the week!

[16:03] About our interview with Dana.

[19:17] The conversation portion of our podcast with Dana.

[20:14] How Dana went from goat farmer to master of business relationships.

[24:54] How Dana heard about Dream 100 and implemented it into what he does now.

[32:15] How Dana got to where he is today as an entrepreneur, following the Dream 100.

[34:50] Some of the biggest names Dana has on his Dream 100 list.

[37:14] How Dana recommends people to start on their Dream 100 list.

[39:13] How Dana works to make these collaborations (from his Dream 100 list) beneficial for everyone involved.

[42:36] The only way to make Dream 100 work: unconditional giving.

[45:40] Some actionable tips on how to initially reach out to people on your Dream 100 list.

[47:08] Some of the most incredible changes for Dana personally and professionally since he started employing the Dream 100 ideology in a really intentional way.

[53:43] Where to find Dana online, along with the giveaway.

[54:08] Parting words of inspiration from Dana.

[55:08] The best advice Dana has ever received.

[55:41] Dana’s proudest moment to-date.

[56:20] Dana’s hardest moment to-date.

[56:46] Dana’s number one self-care ritual.

[57:26] What ignites Dana?

Relationship Tip of the Week

In all relationships, giving is powerful and creates stronger relationships — benefiting the both of you in the long term. When somebody gives you something you feel better about that person, and the same goes for giving. When you give, you feel better about your own life and day too.

Reciprocity is key as long as you don’t have a “tit-for-tat” mentality or expect a specific outcome from giving.

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