The Benefits of Being Moody and All the Reasons to Love Your Anxieties with Liz Moody

This week Liz Moody is joining us to dive even more into the topic of adventure! Liz is an author, podcast host, and adventurer extraordinaire! Her two healthy cookbooks, Healthier Together and Glow Pops, feature recipes full of whole, real foods and nutrient-dense superfoods. Her hit wellness podcast (also titled Healthier Together) features intimate conversations with some of the biggest names in the wellness industry — including Sophie, who was just featured a couple of months ago in May! She’s also a contributing food editor for mindbodygreen, and has been featured in goop, Glamour, Vogue, Women’s Health, and much more.

We go everywhere in this podcast with Liz today — food, travel, sex, anxiety, challenging your growth edges, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, and everything in between. Liz shares her journey with anxiety, how she has come to embrace all sides of herself, and what it was like to grow up with parents who were both psychologists! She also shares practical tips in this episode, including tips for anxiety management, how to begin becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable, and how to manage your travel-related anxieties and challenge your growth edges. Don’t miss this week’s episode!

Topics Discussed:

[:40] Reflecting on last week’s amazing episode with Atticus.

[1:15] Reading our review of the week!

[2:24] Sophie shares a quote with us today and we discuss the crucial lessons from it.

[9:30] The importance of travel and adventure.

[12:20] About today’s episode on the theme of adventure with Liz Moody!

[12:50] Be sure to tag all three of us on any social media platform and let us know what your biggest aha moment was from the podcast!

[14:22] Conversation portion of the podcast with Liz.

[15:10] Liz introduces herself and tells us about her journey thus far, as well as her past with anxiety.

[21:45] Liz explains some of the fearful thoughts that added to/were caused by her anxiety.

[22:28] Liz gives her tips for anxiety management.

[24:33] Embracing all the phases and sides of ourselves, shame, and the positive and negative aspects of anxiety.

[32:40] Liz asks us some questions about our relationship and early attraction to each other’s light and dark sides.

[36:29] Liz speaks about her struggles with anxiety and travel-related anxiety.

[38:14] The importance of going out of your comfort zone and challenging your growth edges.

[41:21] What was it like for Liz to grow up with parents who were both psychologists?

[47:00] Talking travel, relationships, and anxiety.

[57:02] What has been the best advice Liz has ever received?

[58:10] What has been Liz’s proudest moment?

[59:42] What has been Liz’s hardest moment?

[1:00:44] What are some forms of self-care Liz practices?

[1:06:00] What ignites Liz?!

[1:08:00] We thank Liz for joining us this episode!

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