What Happens When You Don’t Fit into This “Ideal” Male Role in Society?

Today we’re continuing the conversation about toxic masculinity from a few weeks back with the episode, “Changing Our Perspective of Masculinity.”

Everybody looks for the most obvious examples of toxic masculinity — such as the Harvey Weinsteins, the Donald Trumps, and the Jeffrey Epsteins of the world. But I see toxic masculinity as a manifestation of a much deeper issue. And today I’m going to dig into it by revisiting what we discussed last time (the typical male roles as we define them by our culture); what happens to the 95% of men who just don’t match up to those ideals; and lastly, what the consequences are when you don’t match up to these ideals.

Topics Discussed:

[:42] About today’s episode.

[:55] Reflecting on masculinity in junior high.

[4:02] What I’m going to be covering in today’s episode regarding toxic masculinity.

[4:49] What is the ideal male role? And what are the damaging consequences of trying to fit (or actively not fit) into the “ideal” male role?

[14:40] Summarizing the key lessons of today’s episode.

[15:40] Using Harvey Weinstein as an example of what it means to try and fit into this “ideal” male role.

[17:50] So where is the guy now that was the alpha male in junior high?

[19:08] The major takeaway of today’s episode on toxic masculinity.

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