Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life with Garrain Jones

Welcome to a new month! This month’s theme is ‘framily’ — friends plus family. We have some pretty exciting content planned, from speaking with our own friends and family and getting their take on what it was like to experience our journey from their point of view to in-depth conversations with other mothers and families.

In this first episode of the month, we’re speaking with Garrain Jones! Garrain is a Transformation Coach, speaker, and soon-to-be-author who travels around the world to share his inspirational story. His motto, “Change your mindset, change your life,” not only drives his life and career every day, but it was the initial inspiration that drove his own transformation from living out of his car to the now successful entrepreneur he is today.

With Garrain today, we talk a lot about change. His excitement for life centers around this idea that we all own our own reality; that we create the consciousness that we live through. He’s been through so many wild challenges and truly proves that no matter what you go through, you can come out the other side and find success. He shares his experience growing up, being in prison, and being homeless; how he came to find himself worthy after spending most of his life not feeling worthy; and his advice on how you can also find success and begin your own transformational journey through taking control of your own beliefs to shape your reality.

Topics Discussed:

[:55] Reading our review of the week!

[1:57] About this month’s theme: ‘framily.’

[2:39] Sharing some quotes that relate to today’s episode.

[3:21] How we can use the knowledge that ‘our perception creates our reality’ to our advantage.

[8:12] About IGNTD events, workshops, and more!

[10:38] Be sure to screenshot this podcast, tag us and Garrain, and let us know which part resonated the most with you!

[12:05] The conversation portion of the podcast.

[12:20] Garrain shares one fun thing that he learned this week.

[14:35] Garrain starts by sharing the origin story of his name and how it made him feel unworthy.

[16:42] What life was like before Garrain felt worthy.

[26:10] What happened the first time Garrain focused on what he did want rather than what he didn’t want.

[28:39] How to achieve your dreams by taking on the mindset that changed Garrain’s life: “Change your mindset, change your life.”

[38:10] Sophie reads an important quote by Lao Tzu.

[38:51] Garrain speaks more about his journey, picking up from where he left off earlier, from when he was living out of his car. He also explains the incredible experience he gained from it and how his incredible transformation still aids him to this day.

[43:56] Garrain speaks about his relationship and his experience with his fiancée, Blair, moving into his house.

[49:30] How Garrain’s experience in jail became transformational for him.

[1:00:52] How Garrain takes the lessons that he has learned and shares them with others to give them inspiration and to help them to overcome their own challenges in life.

[1:03:31] How Garrain went from being “the single guy” to being engaged to his beautiful fiance!

[1:09:58] What is the best advice Garrain has ever received?

[1:10:20] What has been Garrain’s proudest moment to-date?

[1:11:10] What has been one of Garrain’s hardest moments to-date?

[1:12:38] What are some of Garrain’s self-care rituals that he absolutely lives by?

[1:15:07] What ignites Garrain?

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