Finding Our Superpower in Recovery with Biet Simkin

This month’s theme is all about recovery! We’re going to have some really amazing stuff coming at you all month long. Today we’re looking at a powerful concept with regards to recovery: mindfulness and meditation.

Our guest today, Biet Simkin, encompasses these concepts in everything that she does. She is a spiritual teacher, speaker, author, and musician. She creates these epic meditation experiences all around the globe and scores them with her own music. Her new book, Don't Just Sit There!, is a guidebook that will empower you to dive into meditation by helping you work through the not-so-peaceful side of achieving peace. It’s an incredibly powerful read for both experienced and novice meditators alike.

We’re really excited for you all to join us for this powerful conversation! Biet not only shares her journey and story of recovery with us, but gives her unique perspective on the gifts that tragedy brings, how to break free from addiction and begin taking control of your life, why and how to live in the present, the importance of mindfulness and meditation, and self-care tips.

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Topics Discussed:

[:30] About this month’s theme: recovery.

[2:28] Reading our review of the week.

[3:11] Sophie reads us a quote from The Book of Awakening.

[6:20] A powerful concept for recovery: mindfulness and meditation.

[9:04] Another powerful concept for recovery: creating powerful habits to replace old, negative habits.

[11:05] An example of habit-changing within our lives.

[14:58] What recovery is really about.

[18:00] About upcoming IGNTD events and offers.

[20:05] What we recommend you reflect on while listening to this week’s episode.

[20:32] Be sure to give us some feedback and let us know what you think about today’s episode!

[22:10] Welcoming on Biet Simkin for the conversation portion of today’s podcast!

[23:52] Biet tells us about that work that she does.

[25:03] Biet’s background and how it led to what she does.

[29:45] What was Biet coping with by drinking?

[35:48] Biet speaks about coping with the death of her first child.

[38:00] Looking at the gifts that tragedy brings; Biet’s superpower.

[42:03] Breaking free from addiction and taking control of your life.

[51:58] The importance of living in the present.

[55:50] How did Biet find who she is?

[1:04:58] About Biet’s book, Don’t Just Sit There!

[1:05:45] Will Biet be hosting more events in LA, now that she’s moving there soon?

[1:06:25] Thanking Biet for joining us this week!

[1:07:08] What’s the best advice Biet ever received?

[1:08:03] What has been Biet’s most proud moment to-date?

[1:08:54] What has been Biet’s most difficult moment to-date?

[1:10:37] What are some of Biet’s self-care rituals?

[1:11:55] What gets Biet ignited?

[1:13:23] Be sure to screenshot this podcast, tag us and Biet, and let us know what most resonated with you!

Mentioned in this Episode:

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The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have,
by Mark Nepo

IGNTD Hero “Nohab” Reset Program

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Biet Simkin

Don't Just Sit There!: 44 Insights to Get Your Meditation Practice Off the Cushion and Into the Real World, by Biet Simkin

Marcus Aurelius

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