Getting Personal: A Conversation With My Sister

Today’s episode is a powerful one! I thought it would be the perfect closing to this month’s theme of ‘framily’ to actually speak to some framily! So today I have on my sister, Shirlee.

We often hear stories from one person’s perspective. And when you hear a story from one person’s perspective, you kind of just believe the entire story from their point of view. And IGNTD is all about radical transparency, so I thought it’d be really cool to hear my story from my sister’s perspective and what my whole journey was like from her point of view.

In this episode, we literally start from our earliest recollections — ages five and eight — to my court dates and jail time, to recovery, and up to this point in time. We touch on everything — a lot of which we have never even talked about with each other before. We talk about some of the most pivotal moments in our lives, which was not only incredibly enlightening but also therapeutic. This is truly the most powerful conversation I’ve had with my sister to-date and I’m so glad you all get to join us to listen in on it!

Topics Discussed:

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[1:08] Reading today’s review of the week.

[2:10] Sophie reads a topical quote for us from Inner Compass Cards.

[7:00] Reflecting on this month’s theme of ‘framily.’

[8:41] About our new, annual IGNTD event: IGNTD Glow

[9:37] More about today’s conversation with my sister, Shirlee.

[11:38] Welcoming on my sister to the podcast!

[13:21] Why we’re having this conversation today.

[14:30] Shirley and I recount our experiences with moving to the United States when we were younger, with our family.

[21:48] How Shirlee remembers my early rebellious streak early in childhood.

[23:05] Reflecting on the experience of our dad ‘leaving’ when we were 5 and 8 and how it changed our lives.

[27:37] Discussing the difference in how we didn’t talk much as a family but are changing now, with our current partners.

[32:22] Talking about our insecurities when we were younger.

[34:49] Shirlee gives her perspective from when I was sixteen and began running away from my problems through drinking and smoking.

[41:45] Speaking about our early relationship.

[44:32] Shifting to when my sister was in high school and I was in college and what our relationship was like then.

[53:20] My sister’s perspective about my drug use from when she was about 18 years old.

[1:00:33] The accident that led to the first time my dad acknowledged my drug use, my sister’s point of view on hiding my drug use from my family, and my parent’s initial denial about my drug use.

[1:09:48] Shirlee and I discuss her perspective when I was going to trial over my drug use.

[1:15:42] Shirlee gives her perspective on my addiction post-trial and jail time and my family’s process with wanting to help me through my addiction.

[1:17:55] Shirlee’s perspective on visiting me to support me during my court dates, my parents visiting me, my mom struggling to keep a ‘perfect family image,’ and the following positive snowball effect of my life after going to school.

[1:26:48] How things could’ve gone differently and the blessing of my motorcycle accident, trial, and jail time.

[1:29:17] Wrapping up this week’s episode with some closing thoughts from my sister Shirlee.

[1:36:46] Thanks to my Shirlee for joining us today!

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