Feng Shui for the Soul with Dany D'Andrea

Your physical space is a reflection of who you are — but how does that relate to your relationships?


All of the stuff you’ve pushed away into closets and boxes that you haven’t looked at in years — both physically and emotionally — takes up energetic space in your life. Leaving around these dirty piles — these messes throughout your home — manifests not only as physical clutter but takes an emotional toll on you as well.


Our guest today, Dany, is an expert on exactly this. She helps people go into their homes and clear physical clutter out through an emotionally in-tune way. Specifically, she is an intuitive space planner. She works with people to transform their relationship with their space by incorporating elements of psychology, organization, and design to create spaces that are conscious, functional, and beautiful. Dany strives to excite people about what they’re walking into every day.


What we loved about the conversation we had with Dany today is that the relationship between how hard it is to let go of physical objects in your life strongly correlates with how hard it is to let go of relationships that are no longer serving you. Energetically, it can be very overwhelming to clean up these piles building up in our homes just like a confrontation can be very overwhelming in a relationship.


It’s time to Spring clean your life and your space! Join us this week to hear our conversation with Dany!


Topics Discussed:

[2:30] Welcome to today’s podcast.

[3:38] Reading our review of the week!

[5:02] Why you should show up to your authentic self. You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay!

[13:00] About today’s guest, Dany of Spatial Soulutions.

[14:46] An analogy about a couple I recently met with some relationship struggles.

[21:00] More about Dany and her cleaning/organizing methods.

[22:40] About Dany’s special offer for IGNTD listeners!

[25:33] The conversation portion of the podcast.

[27:15] Dany gives us some background about who she is and what she does.

[28:02] How did Dany get to this place in her life and career?

[34:05] Dany gives a background about the yoga teacher training she took and how it really resonated with her, opening her more up to her spirituality.

[35:00] About Dany’s family background.

[35:32] More about Dany’s background; yoga, family, and career.

[43:00] The importance of clearing your space and your life. Dany’s ideas and philosophies around emotional ties to physical objects and how to let go.

[56:40] Dany’s rules of thumb for feeling expansive and free in your space.

[1:02:19] A recent example from our own life with clearing our space and struggling to let go.

[1:02:59] How we tend to hold onto the ideas of who we were rather than showing up to our best selves now.

[1:07:42] More about Dany’s special offer: a free, 30-minute discovery call via Skype.

[1:08:16] The best advice Dany has ever received.

[1:09:36] Dany’s proudest moment.

[1:10:00] Dany’s most challenging moment.

[1:12:30] Dany’s self-care practices.

[1:14:26] What ignites Dany?


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