Man of Still ft. Shaman Durek

Today we’ve invited Shaman Durek onto the podcast! Durek is a sixth-generation shaman who has devoted decades to his study and practice. He is an author, an activist, and a women’s empowerment leader. He dedicates his life to educating and helping others to achieve success, happiness, and consciously live their lives more authentically.

As uplifting and positive Shaman Durek’s life purpose is, this episode gets very dark and heavy — but at the same time, beautiful and vulnerable. He shares some of the incredibly powerful and deep lessons in his life from his darkest times.

From the struggles he’s been through, the shadows he’s overcome, and the abuse he has endured to the key lessons he has learned, his shaman training, and discovering his life’s purpose — we were truly in awe of his story and what he has gone through to get where he is today. We hope you’ll join us today to hear all about Durek’s incredible journey!

Topics Discussed:

[:54] Reflecting on our previous episodes.

[2:19] Reading our review of the week!

[3:40] About today’s episode.

[4:00] Leave us a review after listening to today’s episode! It helps us so much!

[4:15] Sophie reads an excerpt from Aarona’s Moon Deck that helped her during one of the hardest times of her life — and how today’s episode with Durek relates to this passage as well.

[8:57] Talking radical transparency, deep conversations, and this week’s episode with Durek. Sophie also gives an update from the “Going Deep: Breaking Up With Friends” episode.

[16:33] We’d love to hear from you! Take a screenshot of this week’s episode and share with us the key lesson you’ve taken away from the episode!

[18:41] The conversation portion of today’s podcast!

[19:21] Welcoming Durek to the podcast and reflecting on when we first met at Revitalize.

[22:10] Durek’s upbringing, family background, and why his alcohol abuse began.

[28:18] Durek walks us through what life was like when he abused under the guise of love and his epiphany to choose love.

[33:37] Durek’s journey to face his demons while continuing his shaman training.

[37:04] Durek speaks about what led to his arrest and his time spent in jail.

[49:35] Stop waiting for a savior; you are your own leader, nurturer, cheerleader, and provider.

[56:15] What happened after Durek left jail and the incredible opportunity that followed.

[59:37] What Durek’s experiences have taught him.

[1:01:17] Connecting our life, work, and partnership to Durek’s.

[1:05:16] Durek looks at our frequency alignments.

[1:10:15] A recent situation between Sophie and I that relates to Durek’s reading of us, and Durek gives his advice to us based on Shamanism.

[1:17:25] What Durek is up to recently, about his upcoming projects, and where to find him online.

[1:22:41] Asking Durek our five, rapid-fire questions: what is the best advice you’ve ever received? What has been your proudest moment? What has been your most difficult moment? How do you practice self-care? And what gets you ignited?

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