Going Deep: Kintsugi and the Beauty of Imperfection

We haven’t done one of our “going deep” episodes in a while, so we figured it was due time! As a refresher, our “going deep” episodes are just with Sophie and I discussing topics that are close to our hearts — and today that is marriage and relationships, and specifically the concept of ‘kintsugi.’ Kintsugi is an old, traditional art form where you replace cracks in pottery with gold leafing. And just like in our relationship, every crack and broken piece has been repaired and has made us come back stronger and even more beautiful than before.

So, in this episode, we’re focusing on the beauty of relationships, the power of being vulnerable and sharing our struggles, and embracing our imperfections. Everyone has their own unique journey that makes them perfectly imperfect and it’s time we celebrate that!

Topics Discussed:

[1:41] About today’s ‘going deep’ episode!

[4:00] Our question for you: would you be interested in a new series from us? Want to hear more topics covered by us?

[5:58] Upcoming events and plans coming to you in 2019!

[7:19] Sharing an Instagram review from an awesome listener.

[8:00] About today’s topic: marriage, relationships, and kintsugi.

[14:14] Sophie’s story about our recent “therapy session” with our au pair.

[18:17] The beauty of kintsugi: creating something more beautiful out of the broken.

[22:52] How our families deal with intimate conversations, connection, and conflict.

[28:43] The importance of sharing and being open to healing.

[31:06] We encourage you to be more vulnerable in your own lives! Do the deep work.

[34:00] Embrace who you are as you age.

[36:09] The concept and philosophy of kintsugi and how it relates to how we should live.

[41:35] Pause and look around at the people you admire in the world — they don’t have perfect lives. But their journey is what makes them perfectly imperfect.

[43:19] Our challenge to all of you: screenshot the podcast, tag us and share an experience and a person that relates to the concept of kintsugi.

[44:55] Our experiences with friendships and friend breakups.

[49:55] The key pieces in growth and transformation.

[51:25] Reiterating our challenge to you.

[51:59] About our relationship course and giveaway.

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