How to Begin Living in the Present, with Jonathan Lehmann of 7Mind

Today we’re talking about all things mindfulness and meditation. Specifically, we’re going to be talking about “dropping in,” being present, and not being anxious or stressed out about how things should have gone.

Our guest today, Jonathan Lehmann, talks about constantly worrying about the past and the future. Through his journey of practicing mindfulness and meditation, he was able to overcome these beliefs and begin living in the moment. His mission now is to help others also be able to live in the moment and connect with their present selves. So, he created the app 7Mind: Meditation Reinvented, which that takes you through guided meditations. You only need a few minutes every day to soon be on your own path to becoming healthier, happier, less stressed, and more productive throughout your day!

In this episode, Jonathan shares his insights on becoming present; everything he’s learned in his journey to connecting with the idea of becoming more present; his tips and tools on how you can also achieve this; and many of his other ideas on mindfulness, meditation, and living your truth.

Topics Discussed:

[2:06] About today’s topic.

[2:25] Reading this week’s review of the week.

[3:25] More about today’s topic.

[5:55] More about today’s conversation with our guest, Jonathan.

[14:24] Our relationship tip of the week!

[18:16] The conversation portion of the podcast.

[18:30] Does Jonathan remember a moment where he went, “Oh, sh*t. I’m not doing the right thing right now.”?

[20:42] What gave Jonathan the courage to switch career paths?

[27:47] When did he begin to connect with this idea of being present?

[31:44] Jonathan’s journey with learning to become fully present.

[41:07] How mindfulness, meditation, and being present is all about finding the balance that suits you.

[43:00] The difference between a concept and a belief, and how understanding it is key in learning to become present.

[49:27] Learning to become less dogmatic about your “truths” and accepting the freedom in ever-changing beliefs.

[59:55] The amazing benefits of practicing mindfulness and meditation.

Relationship Tip of the Week

Just like meditation, mindfulness, and paying attention are so useful in your own everyday life; they are incredibly useful in relationships as well. Often, we end up relegating our relationship to the side and falling into habits that maybe don’t serve us. We forget to take the time to pause and look at the relationship and say: Which of this do I want to keep and which do I not? 

It is very important to have check-ins and mindfulness in your relationship. Give the same honor to your relationship as you do for yourself. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your partner to bring that attention and mindfulness to your relationship.

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