Mother’s Day Special: How to Fully Step into Your Power with Natalie Alcala

Today we’ve got a really fun Mother’s Day-themed episode planned for you all! It’s going to be all about motherhood. This episode will show you that you really can have it all! You don’t have to let go of your major passions in life in order to be a fully present mom. You can have a super successful career and be a great mom.

Natalie Alcala runs Fashion Mamas — the first members-only network for dynamic mothers who work in fashion, art, design, media, and entertainment. Fashion Mamas seriously goes far beyond ‘fashion’ and ‘mamas’; it’s the end-all and be-all for strong, entrepreneurial women who are changing the world… and also happen to be moms! Natalie launched her business in 2014 and since then it has been the spot for women and mothers alike to network; collaborate; talk business, motherhood, and seek non-judgmental support — all while watching their little ones grow together!

In this episode, we talk about motherhood and parenthood, the philosophy behind Fashion Mamas, how to balance both children and your business, ways to keep your relationship activated and ignited, and how to feel good in your body. This episode goes a bit long — but with good reason! We cover so much this episode and we can’t wait to share it with you.

So, how do you become the best mom and the best entrepreneur? Tune in to find out!

Topics Discussed:

[:33] About today’s special Mother’s Day episode!

[2:10] Reading our review of the week!

[3:27] Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there!

[4:11] Sophie shares a special quote about motherhood.

[5:30] You get to write the rulebook for how you parent.

[9:21] The importance of allowing your children to flourish as a parent.

[10:50] About today’s conversation with our guest, Natalie Alcala.

[27:27] The conversation portion of today’s podcast!

[28:27] Natalie introduces herself and her amazing business, Fashion Mamas!

[31:37] The philosophy of Fashion Mamas.

[35:01] What made Natalie want to go out and create what she has with Fashion Mamas?

[46:15] Was Natalie always able to step outside of expectations? Or did she develop this quality over time?

[50:03] Is Natalie’s partner a big part of the work she does? How is he involved?

[57:25] Talking modern day coupleship and parentship.

[1:04:16] Natalie’s ideas and thoughts on coupleship and parentship.

[1:17:10] Natalie’s go-to’s for keeping the spark going in a relationship.

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