The Time to Change Your Life is Now! with Chinae Alexander

Today we’re joined by Chinae Alexander — which is such perfect timing as it just so happens to be Women’s Health Week! Chinae is an entrepreneur, lifestyle personality, writer, speaker, and wellness expert. She strives to empower others to live more authentic and positive lives through practicing mindfulness, wellness, and self-love!

Today we’re covering so many interesting topics from body positivity, listening to your intuition, and really tuning into what your body needs (rather than chasing the media and what others say) — to skin care and food! We talk about creating your own idea of wellness, the importance of honoring who you are in this phase of your life, and all of our own struggles with self-image and self-love. 

We hope you’ll tune in to hear this all-around badass chick talk truthfully and authentically about body positivity, owning your best self, and her own journey in the wellness space!

Topics Discussed:

[5:15] Sophie reads a listener review!

[6:45] The importance of practicing wellness and not just spending the money on it!

[22:18] Chinae introduces herself; lets us all know what she’s about!

[27:54] Chinae walks us through her journey into the wellness space.

[35:41] Discussing our weight journeys and food preferences!

[49:33] Chinae 3.0: What wellness means to her today!

[56:15] Chinae’s tips for engaging in more mindfulness and wellness.

[1:08:18] What Chinae is most excited about that she’s doing right now!

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